Making Space

If I'm quiet, then I'm sifting,

Weeding through the good and the bad,

Weighing my anxieties against my desires.

Letting the weight of both, slow my breathing.

If I'm quiet, then I'm observing.

I'm seeing the broader scope, past the obvious

Catching my breath

I'm seeing the fine print, the things you didn't say.

If I'm quiet, then I'm focused.

I'm searching for the right time, the right way, the right feeling

Holding on tight, close to my heart

Something to tell me when.

If I'm quiet, then I'm ready.

You should take a step back....

Better yet, take a step forward, 

Listen and be patient with me,

if I'm quiet.

May 2, 2017

Morning trail runs

Where I always shed my skin

Or, at least, take inventory

It's hard to run when you're holding so much weight

Physical or otherwise

When you run you become efficient

In your words,

Your movement,

Your intention,

Clarity forms

Old thought patterns dissipate with each step

What was painful has slowly subsided

What was binding has come untangled

What was daunting has now mellowed

What was heavy feels lighter

Making space.

Sept 29, 2019


Not in a way that is vulnerable, that feels timid or nervous

But, in a way that is open. A clearing, that provides visibility,



Not in way that is exposed, when you want to hide

But, in a way that feels free. A feeling, that lets your heart and head dream,



Not in a way that feels naked, that causes hesitation

But, in a way that welcomes warmth on your skin. A sensation, that pulls you closer,



Not in a way that is scarce, that seems lacking or less than

But, in a way that clears a new path. A reminder, that moves you,


December 27, 2019

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