Process and Ideas

I borrowed my Dad's 35mm Nikon FE film camera in high school for my first photography class; I was 15 years old.

Suffice to say, I never gave my Dad his camera back. 

I used to shoot strictly black and white films and print in the darkroom. However, more of my work is becoming a hybrid of darkroom prints, color film scans, and digital images. Loss, grief, and healing have been central in my work. I create relationships between physical objects and universal emotions based on my internal dialogue and experiences. Nature was the visual language that I was exposed to at a young age, and as an adult, nature has also been a source of medicine. 

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in a suburb north of Richmond, VA and grew up watching my parents work in the yard.  I had 3 childhood homes before the age of 10, when my parents divorced. I have vivid memories of my Dad mowing the lawn and mulching, and my Mom helping him to plant hundreds of plants and shrubs at every house.  A common family outing included visiting greenhouses, wholesale nurseries, and walking wooded lots of land for sale. 

Our family photo albums include their landscaping successes. Photos of plants, their blooms, and the arrangement of them in the yard are next to family holiday photos and birthday celebrations which noted their importance. These albums also held pictures of my paternal grandfather’s farm and my maternal grandfather’s elaborate garden. 

I did not inherit my parent’s natural greenthumb, but I did receive a visual language rooted in the earth, agricultural practices, and a strong appreciation for all things botanical. I love tedious, obsessive, and labor-intensive processes as much as I love ideas and conceptual work. My work floats somewhere in between these two worlds.


I am currently not represented by a gallery, but it's on my bucket list!

Please reach out if your are interested in prints, collaboration, or have interest in my process and work. 

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